A Great Semester

Image result for solar system
Source: Wikipedia – Image of the planets in our solar system (distances are not to scale)

This was a great class, and I’m grateful for all the information I learned. Some concepts were reemphasized since I knew them before taking the course, but I’ve received and retained some new, useful knowledge that I can share with others. I’ve been interested in all things concerning astronomy since I was young, and I take every opportunity I can to learn things about celestial phenomena. Exploring relative sizes of and relative distances between the different things in the solar system during class in addition to researching things that I didn’t even know existed such as the Oort Cloud and different moons was eye opening. Misconceptions of mine, like why the sky is blue during the day and the theory behind the formation of the solar system, have been corrected as well. Many people could benefit from the information presented. I believe that analyzing the cosmic perspective could help a lot of people in a multitude of ways. I knew that Earth was extremely small relative to many other things in the universe, but this class has made me realize just how insignificant we are in the grand scheme of everything.

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